Why I believe Reiki Healing Energy is Magic

Why I believe Reiki Healing Energy is Magic

Happy New Year from Kerry-Ann Ingram!



Happy NEW YEAR beauties!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with all your loved ones.

I spent it with family and friends; eating, laughing and loving each
other. One of my most favourite things about the holiday season is getting to enjoy a special cake from my native country, the Jamaican Black fruit cake… mmm! This year I had a special kind that I am still lusting over. My BF mom made me a vegan version and by far, it’s the best I’ve tasted in years. Needless to say, I’m still recovering from my food coma because I ate the entire cake by myself. 🙂 

I also got some much needed time to really rest, reflect and gain back
some energy I lost during the year. I feel ready to take on 2017 with everything I’ve got. I’m also super excited to be back with you beauties.

This time of the year resolutions and goals are all the rave.  Everywhere
you look someone is telling you how to set the right goals to have your most successful year. Like most, I am sure you too are thinking about your goals and resolutions also.  You might feel like you need to figure out what life or business goals to tackle this year, but where do you start?  You may even have some unfinished ones that you have carried over from 2016. Let me share a story with you, but first, let me ask you a few questions…

Are you addicted to anything? Are you addicted to something that you want so desperately to release from your life? If you’re unsure here’s a list of things you could be addicted to and not know that you are;

1. Smoking

2. Food

3. Alcohol

4. Drugs (over the counter and prescribed)

5. Work

6. Drama

7. Pleasing people to get their approval – just to name a few.

If you’re holding on to any of these addictions like your life depends on
it, it’s safe to say it’s time to let them go.  Are you sick and tired of feeling so completely enslaved in your own body? Are you looking for an effective way to help yourself finally get rid of the addiction? Well, look no further because I’ve got some answers for you. You’re about to get your world rocked into balance.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years, I’ve learned that when the Universe speaks we must listen. It’s best to listen the first time because the second and third times can send your world crashing to the ground.


Let me share my story with you or rather, my spiritual uprooting.

Here’s what happened…


Back in December 2012, I was still an avid cigarette smoker. I was addicted. I think I smoked between half a pack a day to a whole pack by the time I finally gave it up. Keep in mind, a regular pack holds about 20 cigarettes in it.

I started smoking when I was 18 years old so you can imagine the damage I had already done to my lungs? When you step back and look at the big picture, it seems a bit crazy that I would willingly ingest something so harmful.  But I was willingly and slowly killing myself because I was so unhappy.

One of the important things I want to look at is the ‘why’ around why I started smoking in the first place.

I started to smoke because I wanted to feel significant and liked. I wanted to belong to something special. I was looking for that and this group of smoking rebels provided just that for me. The need came from the lack of love, nurture, support and feeling safe in my home environment as a child. Anyone that experienced mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse from the age of 7-16 can understand the need to want to belong. It’s unfair for any child to have to experience such pain and disappointment so early on in their life.

This is why I wanted to take up smoking. I wanted to feel significant, liked and feel like I belonged to something special and smoking did that. I know that the outcome of my addiction could have been much worse. I smoked for fourteen long years until I learned how to love myself and the tough things I went through.

In December 2012, I got an opportunity to take my Level One Reiki training course. After my training was complete I felt a strong pull to quit smoking. It felt like I had an annoying person following me around telling to stop. After a long list of failed attempts in my past, I knew this time would be the last time. Plus, death decided to pay me a visit and threaten my life. I know it sounds super strange and woo-woo, but that’s the only way I know how to explain it.

After my training, I started to feel the heavy energy of death. It felt like it was telling me that if I didn’t stop this time, my life would expire sooner than I expected. That scared that *you know what* out of me so I decided that I really wanted to be done for good this time. But it had to wait a bit because I had a fabulous vacation planned to the Dominican Republic and there was no way I was going on it without my poison. I decided I’d quit when I got back home because something felt different this time. I felt a sense of calm (the amazing power of Reiki will do that to you). I also knew it was the right time and maybe the only time to quit for good.  

 After my 10-day vacation away on a beautiful island, I landed back on Toronto soil. I smoked my last cigarette at the airport with my travel friends. I thought I would never pick up another one again in my lifetime, but I was wrong. Days later I found one I had hidden for an emergency day. Naturally, I wanted to see if I was “cured”.  So I smoked it and never ever have I felt such a negative backlash like I did that day, not even when I first started to smoke? I thought I was going to dislodge my lung from coughing so hard. After that, man I knew I was finally over that nasty habit.

It’s four years later and I haven’t touched another cigarette since that day. My body thanks me so much every day. I am able to run 20k with ease. I started with 5k and worked my way up to 20k. It took my body about 3 years to heal and reset itself. And even within the three years mark, I was still coughing up black tar… I know. Yuck! But I kinda have to share the unattractive parts of what that skinny stick of tobacco can do to our bodies if we let it.

The secret weapon that helped me quit for good was Reiki. It enhanced my desire to live instead of choosing death over my life. 

[bctt tweet=”The secret weapon that helped me quit for good was Reiki. It enhanced my desire to live instead of choosing death over my life. #ReikiLove ” username=”kerryanningram”]

If you are struggling with any form of addiction. I want you to know that you can overcome it. You just have to decide and trust that there is a strong divine energy out there waiting to help you. It will send the right tools, people or even books to help you heal. You won’t have to feel like you’re alone anymore. I want to motivate you to try Reiki if you have not tried it before.

To me, it’s a magical tool because it was the only thing that was able to help me to ditch that bad habit. I tried for what seemed like forever. I want you too to experience what it feels like to no longer feel like you “need” to have it. I want you to be as free as me. 

The biggest problem we face is that we think we’re strong enough to stop doing a bad habit on our own. Even though we are still indulging in that unhealthy behaviour. Like Albert Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

So, in 2017 I want you to change things up for yourself. Seek out helpful ways to start living a healthier life. When our body and mind are healthy you are able to truly heal yourself and the world. You don’t need to know the ‘how’, you just need to commit to change.

Reiki really helped me when nothing else could. This is why I believe
Reiki healing energy is magic. Reiki may be a helpful solution for you as well. If you are curious and want to try, book a free 30 mins distance healing session with me to see —>Book Here.

For those of you, looking to learn Reiki and obtain your level one and
two training. I have a two day Reiki level one and two training course coming up in February. This training will help you to purge all the toxins and negative energies that are sitting in your body. Join me on February 11 and February 12 for a full day of positive energy healing.

Sign up HERE:===>

Reiki Level I & II Training Kerry-Ann Ingram

I will also be conducting a full day Reiki level 3 for those who have already completed their level 1 & 2 in March. Stay tuned!


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Also, tell us if you have any unfinished goals from 2016 that you are
carrying over into 2017. Share them with us below in the comment section. Also tell us, what steps you are planning to take to knock them off your list this year?

As always, please remember you are a bright light in this world. Go out
and share the love and shine your light as bright as you can in the world today and every other day.

Thank you so much for reading and sharing! Catch you soon my loves!

With a big heart full of love and gratitude,

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    I’m so glad you kicked the cancer sticks! Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Kerry-Ann

      Haha, me too. Thanks for the support Louise.


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