Virtual Reiki Healing Winner Announcement

Kerry-Ann Ingram Virtual Reiki Healing Giveaway Toronto


And The Winner To The Virtual Reiki Healing Session Is… + A Surprise


The Toronto Yoga Conference and show started on Friday April 1st and ran until Sunday April 3rd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada and wow! Was it ever a thrill to attend and take part in!


I am still buzzing from all the beautiful energies I was so blessed to cross paths with. EVERYONE that stopped by our booth brought so much love, beauty and positive vibes, It was absolutely beautiful.


I had so much fun, it was crazy to think I was at a show with the purpose to sell and promote my brand because it really didn’t feel like that. It felt more like I was hanging out with my soul sisters and brothers – building new connections and relationships. If I wasn’t convinced before, I’m definitely convinced now that I’m hanging with the right tribe.

My vibe (Vibration) is always high when I’m hanging around my peeps of soul workers and holistic health providers.

I wanna give EVERYONE that took the time to stop by our booth, #1519 a gigantic THANK YOU!! We are so grateful to you ALL.

Sooo… I guess It’s virtual Reiki healing winner announcement time! Watch now to find out if you are the blessed winner of the FREE 60 minutes virtual Reiki healing session with me.



After you’re all done reading, watching and hanging out with me, head on over to Annalay’s website at byannalay.com to see her amazing and beautiful creations – trust me, you won’t regret it!


Oh, and I’m absolutely NOT getting any sort of compensation to endorse her work, I simply just love her stuff! This is why it’s easy for me to gush up and down about it. Plus, she is an exceptional human. Annalay is one of those goddesses that as you meet her, she leaves a positive mark on your soul.  Additionally, her mission is a beautiful one, she wants to unite and inspire women all over the world through the beauty of her artistic work. Inspiring stuff.


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Before I sign off, I want to thank every one of you again for all your love and support. But most importantly, I want to celebrate you for making the powerful move towards shifting your mind, body and soul into a better way of being. Healing starts in your mind, but your mind must first be open to allow the magnificent powers to start uprooting the gunk and blockages that have cultivated on the landscape of your mind. This way, you can start anew from a clean mental space.
For those of you who were not chosen this time around, know that you are incredible beings, protected and taken care of at all times by the divine. Stay on top of your wellness game and keep believing in the magic of your healing.


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Also, If you have some personal insight you would like to share based on your experience with Reiki healing  – please share it with our community in the comments below. Your words may be the very thing someone in need of healing might need to hear today.


With a heart full of love and tons of gratitude,







P.S. Important Information: Keep your eyes and ears peeled over the next few months for more information on my public offering of the Zenning Out Project Retreat program.



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  1. Annajane:)

    Boy that Annalay sure has a super awesome friend! Congrats to the winners!!!!

    • Kerry-Ann

      Hi Annajane:)

      You are so kind.

      Many blessings to you,



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