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🌕✨ Monday Intuitive Energy Upgrade Message ✨🌕

Peace and love, beautiful souls! As we embark on this week’s journey, the cosmos has gifted us with a powerful amalgamation of energies. The Four of Swords from the Tarot, along with three potent Oracle cards – River of Blessings, Earth Magic, and Building Your World – all set against the backdrop of the Full Moon in Aquarius, with the Moon in Aquarius opposing Leo and Jupiter squaring the Moon in Aquarius in Leo season! Let’s delve into the profound messages the Divine Spirit wants to share with the collective.

The Four of Swords whispers of a much-needed respite. This week calls for a moment of pause, where we can find solace in contemplation and self-care. Allow yourself the space to heal from past struggles to gain clarity on your current path. Embrace this time of stillness, as it will help you to recharge and prepare for the abundant blessings coming your way.

River of Blessings flows forth, urging us to release the constraints that have held us back. Let go of fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. Trust in the divine flow of life and “open your heart” (Leo season vibes) to receive all the blessings flowing toward you. By releasing these constraints, you create space for positivity and abundance to manifest in your life.

Right now, Mama Earth is gifting us with the gift of fearlessness. Tap into her magick by grounding yourself in her energy so you can find the courage to face any challenges head-on. Embrace your inner strength and resilience, for the universe is guiding you to overcome obstacles that have hindered your growth. Be bold in pursuing your dreams and passions, knowing that the forces of nature support you.

When you focus on building your inner world, that practice will unveil the power of creation and expansion within you. This week marks a time of fertile opportunities and networking. Manifest your desires and build upon your visions with unwavering determination. Collaborate with like-minded souls, and let your creativity flow freely. The universe invites you to co-create your reality, for you possess the power to shape a world aligned with your soul’s purpose.

This powerful celestial cosmic alignment, the full moon in Aquarius starting on Tuesday, August 1st, signifies a potent cosmic dance. It urges us to find the balance between individuality and collective consciousness. Embrace your uniqueness and let it shine brightly while fostering compassion and understanding for the diversity within the community. Also, be aware of individuals in your personal circle creating energetic blocks that could hinder your growth and forward movement.

For the collective’s optimal well-being and blessings this week, pay attention to the following:

  1. Embrace Stillness: Take time for introspection and self-care. Rest and recharge as it prepares you for the gifts the universe has in store.
  2. Release and Receive: Let go of fears and limitations, and be open to receiving the blessings flowing your way.
  3. Embody Fearlessness: Face challenges with unwavering courage and trust in your inner strength.
  4. Create and Expand: Work on manifesting your dreams and collaborate with others to bring your visions to life.
  5. Balance Individuality and Community: Celebrate your uniqueness while fostering empathy and connection with the collective.

May this week be filled with blessings, growth, peace, power and cosmic alignment as you activate your highest good. ✨😘🌻✨

xo Kai


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