The “I Hate Me Story”: Why WE Sabotage Our Lives

The “I Hate Me Story”: Why WE Sabotage Our Lives

The “I Hate Me Story”: Why WE Sabotage Our Lives  


A few days ago I was sitting with a friend, who I hadn’t seen in a long while. We were both so excited to see each other to dish about our lives. Once we got our life updates out of the way, he got really serious, leaned in with a somber face and proceed to tell me how miserable he was with all the crap that was going on in his life. He then went on to speak those five dreaded words, “I hate who I’ve become”! After that, I knew that we had a problem.

Too often I hear these stories from both women and men, usually, they come with these questions, “Why is life so difficult?”, “How come I can’t seem to catch a break?”, “Why is the world against me?”… Etc. So I try, to get them to see the story in a new light to enhance their well-being. I get each person to ask these questions instead, “what is motivating me to place such an unrealistic and damaging expectation on myself?”, Why am I in this unhappy relationship, “Why am I in this dead-end or unfulfilling job?”, “Am I playing into limiting beliefs about myself?”, “Do I believe I’m capable of creating the ideal life for myself filled with joy and love?”, “Am I afraid that I won’t find my ideal mate, partner and/or job?”, “Why don’t I love myself?” and “What are my limiting beliefs about myself?”. When you ask these questions, you get right to the root of the cause, so you can correct them.

Our limiting beliefs are untrue and unnatural stories we collectively create in our minds to sabotage our lives. We have crafted our minds to believe that everything we need to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life can only be found outside ourselves. In fact everything we need to enjoy and live an awesome life can be found within ours. Never ever can we find it outside ourselves.


Now, take a step back to look at the whole picture of your life – the same life you’ve been living from the time of your birth… It’s not that bad now, is it? Here’s some advice, appreciate all the blessings you have been given, even the ones that may seem a bit challenges.


Tweet: [bctt tweet=”Learn to cultivate gratitude and a deep soul appreciation for all the things you have and are experiencing”] both good and bad because nothing is ever really good or bad, they’re simply just experiences. Learn to look at your glass as full, instead of looking at it as always half empty or even half full… neither of the two scenarios tells the true story. Just because we can’t see the glass as full, doesn’t mean it’s not full. That’s the beauty of having faith in the unseen, you don’t need to see it, to know that it exists. Now, this is where I tell you to turn the lens around and examine your own self, see the spots in your own life where you can interject some faith, instead of always looking at where you are lacking or looking in someone else’s life and passing judgment.

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Being envious and jealous of what you see others with is absolutely not a good look and you most definitely won’t be rewarded with blessings from the universe. Trust me, it’s a waste of your time.


The laws of nature are quite simple, if you want something bad enough, go out and work your butt off to have it! It’s really not that hard – we just make it hard. Trust me, once you’ve gotten all the material goodies you can possibly fit into one space, you will see that you still feel empty and unhappy on your inside. You still feel like you’re missing a vital part of your being. That’s because you can’t fix emptiness or sadness with stuff. Trust me, I’ve tried and my result was always the same; more emptiness wrapped up in guilt and sadness.

Here’s the thing, after you discover that something is still missing within you, your mind constructs a new mission to go out and acquire more ‘stuff’ – It often won’t occur to you that these things will only bring you a greater degree of unhappiness and emptiness.

The chase is so much more captivating than the actual having of the ‘stuff’ because once you have them, then what? Then, nothing! That empty feeling you felt in the pit of your tummy at the start of your quest will still be there. The novelty of getting and having the *stuff* will wear off. This can sometimes happen right away, or it can take a few hours, a day, or even months. The length of time isn’t that important, what’s really important is that you MUST change your thinking. Awaken your mind to the truth, which is, everything and I mean everything that you need in this life can be found within your own being.

This may all sound a bit foreign to you, but trust me, it’s all true!

I’m sure your next question is, how can I tap into the core of who I am to get all that I want and need out of this life?


Well, first you should let go of the need to wait for things you don’t need. Having the desire to want anything simply releases into the universe the energy of lack. Simply put, you are telling the universe that you are without and you have zero trust in its ability to provide for you.

Like A Course In Miracles (ACIM) states,  “Needs arise only when you deprive yourself.”

And depriving yourself of love is the biggest one. We are beings who were created from love and if you don’t believe this truth, then simply observe the nature of a toddler at play with another toddler. A child’s instinctive nature is to first operate from a place of love. Only after they have been exposed to the jaded examples of adults that they start to behave in a manner that’s not in alignment with their true nature, which is love.

We all start out from the natural state of love. No matter how hard we try, we can’t steer away from it for too long. However, through fear, we can deny it, which then forces us to put our attention outside of ourselves to find this love that we think we’re missing.


The funny thing is, there is no need for us to set out to “find” love because love is always located right within each and every one of us. When we deny this truth and fixate ourselves on someone, in hopes that they will give it to us, we are taking away from ourselves from all that we were given when we entered onto this world. We were all given the same birthright inheritance of love and abundance. The only thing that is different between each individual is that we must figure this truth out on our own. If we believe anything else, we are buying into the madness and making it our reality, thus denying ourselves from the beauty of real and lasting love and happiness.

Now that we understand the madness we must stop it by not allowing ourselves to be mentally manipulated away from the truth. We must devote time each day to provide ourselves with love and care. You can do this in several different ways. One of which is to start putting positive messaging into the mind to eliminate the negative ones that are sitting dormant in the subconscious. Affirmations are amazing for reprogramming the mind.

You can start with a simple one.

Here are some examples:

“I am enough!” or you can go deeper to uproot and replace the garbage you’ve stashed away in your mind with, “I am made in the pure image of love so therefore I am LOVE, nothing more and nothing less.”


Thank you for stopping by to read and share your attention and with me. I am deeply grateful to you all. If you have some helpful tips that can help someone who is struggling with where they are currently in life, please leave them in the comment section below because you never know who might need to hear your kind and helpful message today.

Also, please share this with your tribe and loved ones. It might be just the right information they need to hear to start creating a healthy, wealthy and happy Life!

Remember, you’re here to enhance the world with your light, love, and joy, so go out and brighten someone’s world today and every day.

With a heart full of love and tons of gratitude!

See you next week,











  1. Alicia Quintanar

    Love this! So many truths! Thanks for sharing! Now, off to do my daily affirmations 😉

    • Kerry-Ann

      Hi Alicia! I’m so happy you found value in this post. I wish you tons of powerful results from ALL your daily affirmations. Xo

  2. Shannon

    Thank you for this honest post! So refreshing and much needed!

    • Kerry-Ann

      You are so very welcome Shannon! I’m so happy I could offer some insight. xo

  3. Iman

    Great Read!

    • Kerry-Ann

      Thank you Iman for taking the time to stop by. I’m so happy you enjoyed it.



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