Investment: One time payment of  $3,936 for 6-Months package
(includes 2 platforms, $500/per month to add an additional platform)
Payment Plan Available: $820 per month

NOTE: Payment plan available

What you will learn:

Together we will decide why you want to incorporate a social media strategy into your marketing mix.

Social media helps to develop a stronger brand message when combined with your other marketing efforts. My goal is to help you create a solid social media strategy that you will be able to use right away, to attract your ideal clients.


What you’ll get:

  • 2 Account setup (Instagram – Facebook page)
  • Manage 2 of your social media platforms for 1 month
  • Design the content you send me for posting on your chosen platforms
  • I will provide strategies and tactics you should use to accomplish your social media goals. I will create and schedule one (1) month worth of social media posts from the content you have provided to me. If you have a graphic designer, I will work closely with them to create all your stunning graphics that speak to your brand identity. If you do not have your own graphic designer, I can include my graphic designing services for an addition $600 per month to create stunning graphics for you.
  • Free access to a private Facebook business support tribe

Platforms available to choose from: Facebook & Instagram


We will define:

1. Your Audience/Ideal Customers: You will use my ideal client avatar worksheet to go deep to identify who your ideal clients are. The document will help you to figure out what your ideal clients are struggling with to help you best meet their needs. This will also help to make it easier to figure out which social media platforms to focus on when we are creating your content strategy.

2. Objectives: This is where we figure out what you want to achieve with using social media as part of your marketing mix.

3. Where your audience is hanging out: Once we figure out who your audience is and what message you want to communicate to them, we can use that knowledge to help us narrow down which social media platforms to focus the marketing efforts on.  It is strongly advised to focus on two to three platforms at a time, which includes your website. Getting razor focused on a few channels will help to eliminate overwhelm and provide the best image of your brand to your ideal clients.

4. Who your competitors are and how to audit their accounts: You will provide me with a list of your top 10 competitors in your industry, I will take that information and conduct a social media audit of their online presence.

5. Define your Goals and Set them: After we’ve identified your audience and your business objectives, I will compile a list of 2-3 realistic goals using s.m.a.r.t goal system. This will help you with implementing the strategy I create for you.


6. Platform Selection: This is where we decide what platforms we will focus our marking efforts on.

7. Plan and Develop a content strategy for your brand: With our clearly defined goals and ideal client avatar persona, we will sit and brainstorming your social media strategy. I will take the information we compile in our brainstorm session to create a comprehensive social media roadmap for you to follow. It will include, how to increase your online engagement, what you should post, and when you should post.

8. Analytics: I will show you how to use analytics to understand your audiences digital activities and behaviours.

Instagram Hashtags – I will research and curate the right hashtags for your brand.

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