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?This beautiful ”Renewed Joy” Reiki healing Mala bracelet will bring more joy into your life, build up your self-confidence and self-acceptance to amplify your internal mojo so you can create real magic in and around your life. All the gemstones used in this divine piece, have a heavy focus on internal joy, healing, vitality, self-acceptance, self-love and a strong grounding energy that will bring you back into alignment with your body.?

G E M S T O N E S    A N D    M E A N I N G

**AAA Indian Agate (Green)**
Indian Agate speeds up recovery from illness. It is an anti-inflammatory, body cleaner, circulation enhancer that boosts the immune system. Moss Agate is also associated with nature and new beginnings.

**Tiger’s-eye AAA**
Tiger’s eye gemstone is a quartz aggregate. Tiger’s eye usually has brown-yellow, blue and reddish brown colours mixed together, however, it is not transparent. Its shape and colour look just like a tiger’s eye, hence the stone’s name, tiger’s eye . Tiger’s eye is loved by many because it is shaped like an actual tiger’s eye. Plus, this stone brings courage and self-confidence to the person wearing it.
Tiger’s eye is known to be a sacred stone from Indian, it is an energy amplifier and being vitality to whoever is wearing the stone. It is known to help with self-discipline, release pressure, bringing breakthroughs in career, brings prosperity, often in the form of money and helps with achieving big life goals to help the wearer live a happy, healthy and joy-filled life. The flowing tiger eye shines a light with wealth, which has strong vitality, also ward off evils.

Tiger’s Eye resonates with the frequencies of the Earth and provides a warm, stable energy for prayers and meditation, and stimulating contact with the vibrational realm of Christ consciousness. It engenders peacefulness and beauty and connects with the spiritual power of the sun as nourishment for the soul. Tiger’s Eye enables the ability to remember dreams and to use dreamtime for spiritual advancement, sparking imagination, intuition, and opening up psychic talents in earthy people through Third Eye activity. It is remarkable for balancing the yin and yang energies and stimulating the kundalini energy.

**Crazy Lace Agate AAA**
Crazy Lace Agate (or Mexican Lace Agate) Laughing Stone AAA
Laughing Stone helps the wearer feel optimistic, joyful, happy, playful and grounded. It stabilizes the wear. Laughing Stone is said to ward off evil because it’s a protection stone. Can’t help the where to connect deeper to their higher self.

Crazy lace agate or the laughing stone is a soothing and calming stone, which encourages self-acceptance and self-confidence. It relieves emotional pain and lightens up your life. It is believed to clear energy blocks and bring vitality to major organs in the body. Crazy lace agate is also thought to encourage concentration and helps the wearer stay focused on the task at hand.

Laughing Stone absorbs emotions and different energies super fast, so it is wise to clean your stones often.

**Carnelian AAA**
Carnelian is considered a blood mover. It promotes movement of the life force and vital energy in the body. It is useful for treating, cancer, rigidity, impotence, low back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, arthritis and depression. It is also considered an ‘action’ stone, it represents creativity and confidence. Carnelian will help you create your ideal life and assist you on your life’s journey. It will speed up your motivation and help you to clarify your ambitions and goals. The energy of carnelian stimulates the energies within the sacral chakra.

A D D I T I O N A L – I N F O

?Gold Dividers
?Third Eye Charm
?Adjustable Closer


Disclaimer: Alternative healing such as Reiki and Crystal Healing is not to be taken as confirmed traditional medical advice. Our gemstone information is collected from various resources and is not the sole opinion of KERRY-ANN INGRAM DOT COM and KI OF KAI. This information is not to replace the advice of your trusted medical professional. Should you have any medical conditions, please see a licensed medical practitioner. Kerry-Ann Ingram does not guarantee any claims or statements of healing or powers and cannot be held liable under any circumstances.


Reiki is an alternative healing medicine which was rediscovered in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Since its rediscovery, Reiki has been adapted to varying cultural and traditions across the world. Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, Rei (Universal Life) and Ki (Energy) combined to mean Universal Life Energy.

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, holistic method of healing and is based on the belief that a collective Universal energy flows through us and allows us to be alive. If our life energy is low, then we’re more likely to experience illness, tension, pain and sadness. When we realigned this energy, we feel more capable of being happy and healthy to experience a balanced state of well-being.

Reiki can safely be combined with traditional medical treatments, other holistic practices or experienced on its own. Reiki can be used to reduce physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances in body and mind – along with promoting balance and healing through deep relaxation. When Reiki energy is infused into Gemstone and Crystal, it intensifies the healing power.

Gemstone and Crystal healing is an ancient practice that has been around since the beginning of time. Gemstone and Crystal are used and are known to heal physical, emotional and psychological problems when worn or placed near the individual’s body.

Gemstone and Crystal healing is associated with the colours of the chakras and the healing properties of that particular gemstone as it relates to the individual’s issues. Gemstone and Crystals are ideal to use in combination with Reiki energy healing because they block and diffuse negative energy replacing them with positive healing energy, down to your microcellular biology. This is why it is recommended to clean your Gemstone and Crystal regularly because of they absorb energies quickly.



You or someone you know is struggling with physical, emotional or psychological problems and is in need of some positive healing and joy in life.

You can give a Reiki infused Healing Mala as a gift or keep it for yourself.



All of Ki of Kai Reiki Healing Mala Bracelets and Necklaces are cleaned and blessed with sage and infused with Kerry-Ann’s healing Reiki energy before they are sent out to each client. This additional cleansing adds more healing to your already powerful piece.


When you are not wearing Ki of Kai Malas, it should be stored in an airtight plastic bag. This will prevent tarnishing and scratching.


Exposure to water, lotions, body oils, cosmetics, perfumes, excessive heat and humidity and cleaning agents may cause discolouration and affect the finish of your Mala.


1. You can wash or wipe down your Mala bracelet in Himalayan salt water and let it get some direct sunlight or moonlight, this will remove buildup and any negative energy it has collected. Don’t wash them with water if the beads or other materials used are delicate. Ex. coral, metals. Instead, use sage to cleanse them then set them out in the moonlight overnight.
2. Use a delicate brush to scrub the beads. Leave the beads to fully dry
3. Burn Sage and allow the smoke to move over each stone to clean them.
4. Set a positive intention and light a stick of Palo Santo and let the smoke cleanse each gemstone.


I do my very best to source stones that are ethically mined. Most of the stones in my collection come from BC, Thailand, Afghanistan and India. When working with vendors, we are sure to contact them for details on stone sourcing and mining.


100% of Ki of Kai Malas are assembled and finished in Canada.

All Ki of Kai’s Reiki infused Healing Mala’s are Kerry-Ann Ingram’s, the owner of Ki of Kai original designs.

Ki of Kai use natural 6mm – 8mm AA or AAA gemstones to create Mala bracelets and necklaces. Each Mala are strung on elastic stretch cord or adjustable string. One size fits most wrists.

Since all natural gemstones and crystals are all unique, their colour and shape may vary slightly.


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