Individual Heal & Be Happy One-On-One Coaching


I get that you’re struggling to maintain balance in your life but the more chaos we invite into our lives will sometimes send us spinning out of control. Trust me, I have first-hand experience with this.


You may have become a little lost and a little or a lot unhappy. You’ve started to question your entire life, your purpose, your relationships, and you’re asking personal and spiritual questions like:


“Do I have the same goals as I once did?”

“Why do I keep attracting the wrong people into my life?”

“Why does my body feel so tired?”

“Why am I not as productive as I once was?”

“Why am I not as motivated and as confident as I once was?”

“Am I following the right path?”

“Am I dedicated enough to my overall growth?”

“Am I taking the best care of my mental, emotional, and spiritual self?”

“I want to have, do and be my best self, is this how I’m going to achieve it?”

“What are the best tools to implement into my life to help me tap into all that the universe has to offer me?”


Be reassured that, it’s quite normal and healthy to ask these questions. Maybe it all comes down to you developing some new and positive habits to help you restructure your life, which will ultimately help you to define your next steps and gain new life-enhancing skills. Did you know that it takes 40-day to free yourself from old negative pattern and 90-days to shift into a new and positive pattern? When we work together I will walk you through a series if integrated healing and coaching sessions that will help you become your BEST SELF.


Each One-On-One Individual “Heal & Be Happy” coaching session is 60 minutes long either in-person or online.

You, Will, Get Help With…

  • Managing your mental and physical challenges.
  • Learn effective mindset techniques to help you manages challenges
  • Learn to use your fear to achieve freedom in your life.
  • Learn how to use the EFT technique to remove stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to effectively use meditation to feel grounded and at peace with your past pain.

Once you have purchased your individual coaching session, you will be able to download Kerry-Ann’s welcome and info package.

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