Do you know who your “Ideal Customers” are?

Finally, learn WHO you should be selling your wonderful service or products to. These are the exact customers who will fall madly in love with your service or products and keep come back time after time to buy everything you share with them.

When you learn how to identify who your ideal customers are, you can FINALLY start to slay your marketing easier!


• Know the exact language to us in ALL your marking to your “Ideal Customers”
• Write blog post that speaks directly to your ideal customer’s problems
• Write your sales copy like you are speaking directly to your best friend
• Write social media posts that your ideal customer will emotionally connect with and want to share


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Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owner, Healers, Fitness Coach, Wellness Coach, Writers Business Consultants, knowing WHO will be buying your product or service will make a HUGE different in your bottom line sales numbers!



This course is PACKED with awesome content & is affordable because it covers only ONE THING, how to create your Perfect Customer Profile!

• 18-page ebook –”My Ideal Customer Profile Workbook” (in PDF & Amazon Format)


This is not a physical product. This product is a digital product that you can instantly download and start using right away!


This file is for your personal use only! You may not sell, forward, share, or distribute this file. It is for non-commercial use only.

All downloaded files are copyright by Kerry-Ann Ingram. Kerry-Ann Ingram retains all rights.

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