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Butterfly Krown Labradorite Ring


This beautiful and unique ring was handmade in Toronto, Canada. Each ring is unique and one of a kind. The stones’ shapes will vary, so no need to be alarmed. All copper and gemstone rings are custom made especially for you and are excluded from returns or exchanges. Each ring is infused with the healing energy of Reiki energy healing.

Since we will make this ring especially for you, orders will take up to about 1 – weeks, not including shipping time.



The inspiration for this beautiful Butterfly Krown Amethyst ring series is that regal butterfly and how graceful they move through the air like nothing to fear and everything to gain. So I wanted to create a piece that was delicate yet graceful and strong.

Labradorite represents all the magical elements of the stars. If you are looking for the perfect gemstone to help you open up your internal sight so you can connect with your divinity, awaken your healing abilities and balance out all your chakras, Labradorite is the gem for you. Some call it the stone of divine magic, but I call it the gateway into tapping into the universe’s manifestation powers. You don’t need to believe in magic. All you need to do is believe in yourself because you are magic.

Additional information


Solid Copper, AAA Labradorite


Available in all sizes

Stone diameter:

6mm or 8mm, Band thickness –18 or 20 gauge


Each Earring is infused with the healing energy of Reiki energy healing.

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