Goddess Arch Drops

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This gorgeous Goddess Arch Drop earrings set will definitely make a statement!!

The Goddess Arch Drop earrings are the embodiment of graceful elegance. This long-sized style is perfect for the sophisticated yet fun and understated woman. Made with copper, these gorgeous high vibrational statement drops feature a double drop set with hand-cut, raw shungite set in the middle surrounded by natural cowrie shells.

Goddess Arch Drop earrings

MADE WITH Cowrie Shells Amethyst (Purple AAA) Shungite AAA Copper Visit the "Gemstones and Symbols Meaning" page to learn more about all the healing benefits found in each gemstone and mineral used to create our beautiful healing jewellery.

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Raw Shungite, Copper, Cowrie shells


Each Earring is infused with the healing energy of Reiki energy healing.


8.5 Inches long


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