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New focus for KaiTV channel-More Reiki & Life Advice

New focus for my channel: More Reiki & Life Advice

I am excited to share My new focus for my channel: More Reiki and Life Advice! 

Give today’s video a watch to find out more. 


I believe Reiki is a wonderful healing tool because it helped me so much. Reiki helped me so much. This is why I want to pay it forward. If you’ve got a friend, family member, colleague or client who you know is struggling with emotional or physical discomfort or pain, ex. depression, fear, stress, anxiety, arthritis, other joint pains, cancer, etc. – please SHARE this post, my channel and this website with them.  

As always, please remember you are a bright shiny light in this world. Go out and share your love and your light with the world today and every day. Thank you so much for watching, reading and sharing! See you soon, my loves!


With love and gratitude,




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