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L I F E  A N D  B U S I N E S S  C O A C H I N G


“When you heal your mind you move a million steps closer to healing your internal and external world.”-Kai

Question, have you been wishing to have a very supportive, understanding and open minded professional cheerleader (coach) by your side to tell you the things you really needed to hear, instead of what you wanted to hear? Imagine what it would feel like to have your own personalised guide giving you one-on-one support when you need it the most to release all the guilt, overwhelm, self-doubt and the fear fill crap that’s holding you back from your greatness? I have good news!


My one-on-one coaching sessions will help you to:


make the best decisions

discover what you really want

Get motivated and having accountability

Learn how to design a plan to create your best life

Discover where you may have blocks in your life

find the right words to honour yourself and speak your truth in tough situations  


tell you the truth about a situation you feel conflicted, confused or upset about

Have a sounding board and receive feedback

Discover your passions, values, and how to live them out

Improve your relationships 

Cultivate more fun, happiness, and passion in your life

Learn new ways to remove stress from your life

Gain support with starting a new career or business


If this is speaking to your heart and you are screaming yes yaaaas, then you’ll love my life and business success coaching programs (LBS)!


A B O U T  M Y  L B S  C O A C H I N G  P R O G R A M 


Kerry-Ann Ingram, Founder of kerryanningram.com and KaiTVMy one-on-one life and business success coaching program is personalised and tailored to you. and I will support you with whatever your heart wants to create, change or shift in your life and/or business.


My LBS coaching program combines powerful mindset techniques with one-on-one personalised and tailored coaching to give you in the moment solutions when you need them the most.


If you are ready to stop living life for others, ignoring your passions and dreams and being held back by fear of what others will think of you. And want to feel whole, happy and confident and empowered to live a life on your own terms. Great news! One-on-one coaching will give you exactly that, it will give you all of what you need.


My LBS coaching program is like having your very own professional cheerleader and secret service agent walking hand in hand by your side. Waiting for the right moment you’ll need to use their service. Whenever you find yourself in a place that doesn’t feel good or having a hard time with a particular situation in your business or in your personal life, you’re never more than a phone call, a text or an email away from getting back to a better feeling place, fast and easily.


You’ll also have someone to support your upward climb when things are going well, guide you to take advantage of upcoming opportunities, help you to step out of the way when obstacles pop up so you don’t knock yourself off your course, and help you to continue to discover ever-expanding possibilities for personal happiness and success in all areas of your life.

H O W  M Y  H L S  C O A C H I N G  P R O G R A M  W O R K S


It’s super easy!

First off, you’ll book a Free 30 minutes information/discovery session with me by sending me an email. Together we will agree upon a session time and day that suits both of our time zones. Then we will decide if we will meet over the Phone, on Skype or on Zoom. Once we set an agreed upon day and time you’ll ‘show up’ by calling in or logging onto your computer at the arranged time from wherever you are in the world, as long as you’re able to sit in comfy and private place for the duration of our session. You could be in the office, the lounge of an airport, on the beach, in your home, sitting in a coffee shop etc. Then we’ll take a look at your life to figure out what’s working and what’s not. Wherever your life is not working, there’s something – either a principle you’re unaware of, a limiting belief you are holding on to that’s no longer serving you, an agenda that’s hidden from you, a lack of communication, or something you’re resisting – that’s causing things to ‘not work’ for you. Over the course of the call or the video chat, we’ll take a look at the workings of the situation you chose to discuss on our call and if you’re willing and up for it …we’ll get it resolve.

Please NOTE: ALL my coaching sessions are conducted over video chat on Skype or Zoom or on the Phone so that clients from all over the world can get immediate access to my services. I am based in Toronto, Canada, but it doesn’t matter where you live. If you have a reliable internet connection we can be connected instantly.




We’ll also be able to enhance, enrich and expand upon areas of your life that are already going well and support the good momentum.


Why Video and Phone Sessions Are The Best The ease and convenience of phone or video sessions are unbeatable. You’ll never have to worry about traffic jams, crazy weather, parking tickets, buying a plane ticket, getting to your next appointment on time or figuring out what to wear.


Do You Offer In-Person Sessions As Well? Yes, just at a much higher rate and you have to live in Toronto, Canada. Honestly, phone and video sessions are the most cost-effective and convenient coaching approach. It allows me to work with people from all over the world and stay connected to local clients when I  travel. But I do understand that some people just simply prefer to meet in person.


If you’re in the GTA area and would like an in-person coaching session, please contact me for scheduling, availability and fees at info@kerryanningram.com


YOUR INVESTMENT: Payable by debit or credit card.

                    12 x 60 Minute session coaching package is available for $3324 CAD

                   (Payable in 6 Monthly Installments of $554 CaD) or one full payment of $3124 CAD

                   (save $200)

                     BONUS! One additional hour is included when you pay for the packages in full.

Ready to join my Private Success Coaching Program?



The first step is to book your free introductory call with me.

                    On the call, we will discuss what you are looking for support with, and

                    we can explore if my coaching program will be the right fit for you.


M Y  H L S  C O A C H I N G  P R O G R A M  I N C L U D E S:

Pre-Program Workbook & Intention Setting Journal

1 x 30 Minute Intention Setting

12 x 60 Minute Healing Life Success Coaching Sessions

4 x 60 Minute Reiki Energy Healing Sessions (Value: $440.70)

BONUS! 1 x 60 Minute Follow Up Session

Unlimited email support

2 Guided Meditation and 2 Affirmation recordings to powerfully shift your mindset. (Value: $67.80)


W H Y  A R E  C O A C H I N G  P A C K A G E S  R E C O M M E N D E D?


 Saves you money vs. single sessions: You get 13 hours for the price of 12!


Convenience: You can have your session calls when you need them the most, day or night vs. set appointment time set around our online appointment office hours.


A coaching package commitment gives you a powerful reason to keep going and not quit on yourself and the support to you will need to not fall back into your old ways of living.


The best way to strengthen the muscles in your mind and body is to have regular workouts. So, If you find that my approach resonates with you – don’t hesitate to sign up.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee that this is the simplest, fastest and easiest approach you will find on the planet for skyrocketing your productivity and strengthening your relationships, which will allow you to have a consistent sense of well-being and satisfaction in your life and business.


If you disagree and you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of the coaching session with me, I’ll gladly refund your fee within the first 30-Days – no questions asked.


How can I do this? Because I know from personal experience (and the experience of millions of others around the world) that discovering how to live in the present moment is the most enriching, life-altering, unexplainable, yet a highly rewarding gift you can give yourself and those you love.

Schedule Your CALL Today!

There is no greater investment than the investment you make in yourself. Remember, time waits for no one.

If learning how to be more fearless, productive, effective and satisfied in every area of your life is something you want and you are willing to do the work needed for – today is the right day for you to START!

You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and EVERYTHING (like a whole new experience of life) to gain.

Send me an email info@kerryanningram.com or book an appointment time in my online calendar today at and start living your best life EVER!




C L I E N T   P R A I S E   &  S U C C E S S   S T O R I E S


  Adwoa Mograbi | Owner prepareforyourinterview.com

  “If you have the pleasure of working with Kerry-Ann in any capacity, consider yourself blessed. She came into my life almost a decade ago and I am eternally grateful for her spiritual guidance during a difficult and painful divorce. Her words, encouragement and presence in my life gave me the strength I needed to get through each day. She continued to provide divine support as I went through a spiritual awakening. If your soul is seeking answers and you are looking for a sister who will never judge you, criticize you or doubt you on your journey, she is it. Her coaching is life changing and her soul is pure. She will open your eyes to help you see the way forward, to connect with your purpose and to listen to the voice within. Above all, she will help you discover the beauty in all your pain and hurt and to realize your growth and true potential. If your faith waivers, borrow hers. I did. She has enough for both of you. At her very core is love. Don’t hesitate to work with her is you have the chance. You will thank me later.”  

Cristina Kelly | Brand Strategist, communikreate.tumblr.com  

  “Kerry-Ann is a delight to work with, as she is insightful, open-minded and generous in sharing her knowledge of setting and reaching goals in all areas of life. She has provided me with entrepreneurial advice on networking opportunities, various best practices for creating a powerful business identity and resources for setting up a website and connecting with clients. Kerry-Ann is extremely encouraging and motivated me to follow my own ventures with confidence and commitment. Kerry-Ann and I have worked together in the past to create a strategy for a guide on positive living and mindfulness. She has been both committed and flexible in arranging meetings and brainstorming ideas, and is truly a pleasure to work with. I hope to continue working with Kerry-Ann in the future, as she has opened my mind to the greater role and purpose I have in my work, and how I can influence both positively.”  

Isobel Cole | Teacher  

  “Kerry-Ann is a blessing. Not only was she the best boss I have ever had, she has a remained in my life as a friend. She is truly a wonderful person. Driven by her passion to help, she easily guides people when they cannot guide themselves. She is warm, passionate, funny, and uplifting. Trust her to bring compassion and caring to every interaction with you. I wholeheartedly recommend Kerry-Ann’s services in whatever form they take. Whether it is her Soul Awaking Coaching, Reiki Healing, or Meditation, I know she has something to offer you. She has been a blessing in my life, let her be a blessing in yours.”  

Cavelle Wilson | Sculptural Artist  

  “Kerry represents a perfect balance between work & play. You get excited from conversations, professional or otherwise. And her laugh is contagious too! I love it!”  

Stephanie Lowe  Kinesiologist/Yoga Teacher & Wellness Centre Owner, destinywellness.org  

  “Kerry-Ann is passionately dedicated to her craft. Her sincere and beautiful spirit truly helped me to shift my business and attitude toward success. She guided me in my social media campaign and brought new life to my online presence. Her advice has resulted in more business and better PR for my company and image. Thank you Kerry-Ann for your continued inspiration and guidance. I look forward to the continual growth!”  

Sophia Le Rendu  Holistic Health Practitioner, sophiagaia.com  

  “Kerry-Ann is an unstoppable train of passion helping to bring all our contributions to the foreground. Her great insight and deep listening enable new conversations to happen, naturally.”  

Michell Edwards  CEO/ Talk Show Host, findyourbeautiful.com  

  “What stood out the most with my sessions with Kerry-Ann was her accurate counsel and ability to pinpoint what the actual problem was. She knows exactly what to say to help you manage what you’re going through and is genuine and sincere in her effort to help her clients. She has such a beautiful and powerful energy about her. I recommend anyone to register with her. To me, she’s self-development and spirituality at its finest.”  

Garth Sam  Owner & Senior Life Coach, thedragonstouch.com  

  “When you know someone as well as I know Ms. Kerry-Ann Ingram, it is easy to recommend her services to anyone who is considering working with her.  I first met Kerry-Ann approximately 15 years ago and since then I have had the pleasure of watching her mature powerfully into the dedicated, caring & professional lightworker that she is today.  As someone who has overcome significant life challenges herself, Kerry-Ann is uniquely equipped to empathize with and counsel people who are sincerely struggling to find both peace and purpose.  Unlike many “survivors” however, whose light was sadly dimmed by their ordeals, it is a testament to Kerry-Ann’s inner strength and indomitable spirit that she truly brings an inspiring radiance to bear on everyone around her. When it comes to contagious laughter alone I have always said that Kerry-Ann’s laugh has the irresistible power of a pandemic that can make anyone smile.  But there is far more to Ms. Ingram than her capacity to light up a room with her beautiful joie de vie: Kerry-Ann combines uncommon insight with rare authenticity and a genuine desire to be of service. There is nothing phony or pretentious about her that might compromise her capacity to help others.  Over the years Kerry-Ann has clearly been committed to a process of honest introspection and self-refinement, even while she has worked to enhance her natural gifts via formal studies with a variety of top teachers.  Above said, Kerry-Ann represents a real asset to the world of coaches and healers, as a woman with both innate intuitive talent and formal academic understanding.  No one has the answers for everyone, but if you are looking for a sincere, down-to-earth ally to help you through dark or difficult times Kerry-Ann is truly a special person and could very well be your perfect guide.”  


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