How to Find the Best Love to Have the Best Relationship

Kerry-Ann Ingram// How to Find the Best Love to Have the Best Relationship Ever


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Happy Thursday my Loves,


I’m excited to get right into today’s topic because it’s a juicy one.


Have you ever sat around wondering how you could possibly find the best love to have the best relationship ever? I’m gonna guess that you have. Listen, even if you’re in a loving and healthy relationship right now, I’m sure this question have crossed your mind at some point in your past.


In today’s episode on KaiTV, I’ll share with you what is most likely blocking you from getting that awe-some love in your life.


I’ll share some insights on what we need to do and what not to do to attract that awe-some love into our life.



Ultimately the best kind of love we can have is with ourselves. Learning how to do this, is absolute gold. Loving ourselves can give us the most balanced, loving and incredible relationship we’ve ever had. Most of us are on a quest to find this kind of love outside ourselves and are super unclear about how to achieve it.



We’re ultimately trying to find that relationship that will complement us. That relationship that will allow us to feel like we’re a part of the other person. Is this even possible?



Watch today’s video to uncover what you need to do to cultivate this kind of relationship. After you’re all done watching I want to hear from you. Come back here and share your thoughts and insights with us.






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One of the best tools I’ve found to help bring us into alignment and balance is meditation. Meditation can help us dive within yourself to allow stillness. When this happens, we are able to hear ourselves think again. Meditation also helps us learn to love ourselves and others from the inside out. Plus, without any strings attached. When we do this, we’re equipped with the power to attract into our reality all the beauty we wanted to have in our life. I personally believe that meditation is your own personal magic wand. Don’t be afraid to wild it to work it’s magic in your life.



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I have heard so many stories over the years of individuals struggling to find this hidden love. This topic is a hot one that many of us can relate to. I can bet my bottom dollar you all have stories, experiences, and insights to share on this. Please share them in the comment section below.



Specifically, let us know:



Number 1What do you do, to be loving towards yourself and others?


Numbers-2What are you planning to do to release your expectations and beliefs about how another person should show up in your life?


Number-3What’s the biggest AHA moment or nugget you will be taking away from this discussion?


If you’ve gone through tough stuff, you have tons of valuable insights to share. If you have found the best love and are having the best relationship ever, I want you to share your story below. If you haven’t gotten there yet, don’t worry. I’m sure you will learn a lot from today’s episode to apply in your life so you can achieve that kind of love also.


As always, you’re a super beautiful being sent here to enhance the world with your light and love! Go out and shine as bright as you can into someone’s world today.


Thank you so much for reading, watching and sharing! I will see you soon my loves!

With a big heart full of love and gratitude,


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  1. iFatal Jay

    You nail it when you said, you have to love yourself first, most people dont know how to do this.


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