Divine Alignment: How to Harness Lion’s Gate Energy for Personal Growth!

Lion's Gate Portal 2023

Hey, beautiful souls!

 Kerry-Ann here, and today, I want to share something absolutely magical with you: It’s about the upcoming Lion’s Gate event on Tuesday, August 8, 2023! 🦁✨ Now, if you missed my Instagram post on Thursday, August 3 and are wondering what this is all about, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered!

Picture this: It’s 2023, and the cosmic vibes are off the charts (Which it is)! If you’ve been paying attention to all the solar flares coming into our planet, you know what I’m talking about. The Lion’s Gate, also known as the Lion’s Gate Portal, is a significant astrological and cosmic event that occurs every year around August 8. This powerful energy portal opens when the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Leo, represented by the majestic lion. But hey, it’s not just about the stars and planets—it goes much deeper than that. Also, during this time, it feels like the universe is giving us direct access to the powerful ancient Egyptian wisdom from the influential goddess Aset, also known in Greek mythology as Isis—a symbol of rebirth, protection, and intuition.

For many of us, this event carries a profound spiritual significance. It’s believed that the Lion’s Gate holds a connection to the ancient Egyptian civilization, where the star Sirius was considered a sacred representation of the goddess Aset, also known in Greek mythology as Isis. She was revered as a powerful deity associated with rebirth, intuition, and protection. So, when the Lion’s Gate opens up, it’s like receiving a divine blessing from the heavens above!

The name “Lion’s Gate” is derived from the alignment of several celestial bodies and their energetic influence during this time. The event is marked by the alignment of the Earth with the star Sirius (also known as the “Spiritual Sun”), the brightest star in our sky and part of the constellation Canis Major. In ancient times, the rising of Sirius was believed to herald the flooding of the Nile River in Egypt, bringing fertility and abundance to the land. This alignment is also associated with spiritual awakening and heightened consciousness.

During the Lion’s Gate, the energy from Sirius is known to infuse the Earth with high-frequency light codes and cosmic wisdom. This influx of energy serves as a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth, transformation, and energetic evolution. It is believed to activate our higher chakras, expand our consciousness, accelerate our soul’s journey toward our higher purpose, clear out the old, and invite abundance and creativity. 

Now, you might be wondering how this cosmic dance affects us personally. Well, buckle up because it’s a transformative ride! The energy of the Lion’s Gate is all about heightened intuition, amplified creativity, and immense spiritual growth. It’s like the universe opens a cosmic portal, and we get a chance to align our souls with our higher purpose.

Think of it as a time of cleansing and renewal—just like when some of us take on the master cleanse, consuming only a mixture of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and water as our lunch, breakfast, lunch and dinner or when we take a digital detox or a bubble bath, but on a cosmic scale! During this period, we have the opportunity to shed old patterns and limiting beliefs, making space for positive changes and abundance in our lives. It’s a chance to let go of what no longer serves us and step into our true power like the dignified, majestic lions and lionesses we are!

Another way to look at it is to imagine the Lion’s Gate as a divine buffet of spiritual growth, empowerment, and manifestation! The energies during this period are so supportive that setting intentions and visualizing your dreams can be supercharged to manifest what you desire in real time. So, meditate, journal, dance, or simply bask in the moonlight—do whatever helps you feel connected to the cosmos!

But hold on, the magic doesn’t stop there! The Lion’s Gate is also about authenticity and embracing our in†tner-g strength. Like the lion, we’re encouraged to roar our truth and stand tall in our uniqueness. You’re a spark of the divine, and this event reminds us that we are all connected and divinely guided on our journeys.

So, how can you make the most of this celestial extravaganza? Well, first and foremost, remember to be gentle with yourself. Embrace self-care, and don’t forget to pamper your soul just as much as you pamper your skin!

Set your intentions with love, and trust that the universe has your back. Visualize your dreams and believe in their manifestation power. Remember, you are a powerful co-creator with the cosmos!

Oh, and one more thing: connect with your tribe! Reach out to your soul sisters and brothers, share your experiences, and lift each other up. Community is essential, and the Lion’s Gate brings us together like a pride of lions supporting one another.

So, there you have it, lovelies! The Lion’s Gate is a cosmic fiesta that’s here to help us grow, manifest, and shine as the magnificent beings we truly are. Embrace this magical time, let your spirit soar, and watch as the universe unfolds to deliver your wildest dreams to you! 

So let us be bold, love harder, and embrace the majestic, magical alignment of this year’s Lion’s Gate Portal! 🦁✨

Now, I want to hear from you! What does the Lion’s Gate portal mean to you, and how will you use the energy this week? Also, was today’s post helpful.? Let me know in the comment section below.


As always, I want you to remember this: You are a super incredible being, sent here to learn, grow, love and remember who you are. When you do, you will become a catalyst to aid humanity in its awakening! Go out there, shine your light as bright as possible, and spread love and joy to all you come in contact with.  

Thank you so much for showing up to read today!

Love and gratitude,

P.S. If you’ve got a friend, family member, colleague or client struggling to figure out how to escape from their pain prison – please forward this post to them. They’ll thank and love you more for it. 

See you soon, Kerbears!


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