Announcement: I’m taking a Month Off!

Kerry-Ann Ingram//Announcement: I’m taking a Month Off

Hi my loves!

Announcement: I’m taking a Month Off!


So, I’m eight months into this (awe)mazing journey as a solo-entrepreneur and I’m blown away every day at my growth and the amount of strength that is required of me to continue to provide valuable content for you each week. I am so blessed to be able to interact with such divine souls like yourselves on such a regular basis. I take nothing for granted so I make it a regular practice to get thanks and send gratitude up to the heaven daily.


This journey is beyond awesome.


I’ve been going strong without stopping or slowing down for aImost nine months now. Truth be told, I’m tired and my creativity is slowing down, but don’t get me wrong… I still love every minute of what I am so blessed to be doing every day. I eat, drink, sleep and dream about how best I can provide the best of me to you each week. I know that I can’t  deliver to the best of my abilities if I’m not 100% rested, grounded and centered. Last year I took an entire month to have a Zencation. This consisted of me taking myself out of circulation and go completely silent and still (yup! You read that right! I didn’t speak to anyone for an entire month, not even to my dog and I didn’t use any electrical gadgets. I stripped down and allowed myself to become naked and vulnerable. Simply put, I went back to the basics. I walked and talked with God daily and it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. This year I decided not to do it again because I didn’t want to take time out from creating content for you beauties, but as I sit here in quiet conversation with my Divine, I know that I probably should have done just that. So I’m going to rewrite that part of my story and correct it now.


My mission is to always be authentic and honest with you because I don’t want to ever deliver content I am not authentically living up to.


I also never ever want to be dishonest with you. Everything I share with you, I know that you at some point may be going through that same thing, have gone through the same thing or will go through the same thing so I want to be very transparent with you. This way you can learn and grow and truly be empowered to do the best thing to help you unapologetically be your best self at all times.


The skinny of the matter is, I do just about everything for my business on my own – yup! I have some angels who have selflessly helped me along the way, but at the end of the day, it’s all me. I’m a legit one woman show over here. Don’t get me wrong! I l.o.v.e. It! But being a solo-entrepreneur is no walk in the park with help, can you imagine when you’re doing it on your own? Shout out to all my brave and driven solo boss babes who are doing it by themselves and holding down their business like nobodies business. You all inspire me so much.


This journey we’re on is so rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world! Seriously, I wouldn’t. I get to serve such an amazing tribe of awesome humans daily. Who wouldn’t feel blessed to play in this arena? But, it can be a lot to manage creatively, emotionally, physically, financially and mentally. So in order to avoid getting to a place where there is a probability for me to become burnout – I’m going to take a step back and slow down. I am taking some time off to get quiet. It’s time for me to Zen Out again. Studies show that when we allow ourselves space and freedom to shut down we actually become more creative and productive.  


If you’re feeling like you need to take some much needed time out to focus on yourself, please, do it! Because your health is the only wealth that is truly meaningful and important to your overall ability to deliver your best self to the world in any capacity.


If you were wondering, I plan to report my experience when I return so tune back in on November 3rd.

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Thank you so much for your continued support. Your commitment to show up each week to reading, watching and sharing with me is beyond beautiful!


Stay healthy and happy until we see each other again soon!

With a heart full of love and gratitude,

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