Peace & Love!

I’m Kerry-Ann

I’m a radical self-love and positive energy expert! I’m a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, intuitive tarot reader, educator, speaker, influencer, the founder of Ki of Kai™️ and the creator of KaiTV™️.

In my practice, I use many ancient healing tools to release blocked and stuck energies in the mental, physical and emotional body. These tools are Reiki/Sekhem energy healing, tarot/oracle cards, gemstones, meditation, essential oils, and tapping, which come from a long lineage of African holistic scientific practices that are proven to help manage and release energy blocks that contribute to stress and trauma.



Through a 3-step process that I’ve created, that is scientifically proven to be the tool to help you break your mental chains, which are programs we pick up from everything we interact with on this planet, which is also embedded in your brain from the time of your birth. We bring ourselves back into proper alignment when we break these mental chains. The 3 Pillars of Self-Liberation Program™️



I hope you find freedom from pain if you commit to the necessary self-healing work. Energy healing (Reiki) has helped me and others in many powerful ways. Tools such as mind-shifting practices, affirmations and mantras, mindfulness, Kriya yoga/meditation, silence, breath work, running, walking, grounding, sun gazing, sound healing, dance, journaling, sleeping, fasting, eating clean, mind-body detoxing and the incredible tool that is astrology to understand the self better. So to bring it all home. I am devoted to my spiritual work because I want to continue to feel my best and help others to experience the beautiful benefits for themselves. I’m grateful the universe has led me back to myself through all these powerful natural tools.

Sharing my Story

Despite my experience of being deeply traumatized as a child from physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse, I found a way to alchemize my pain into my power to execute my purpose and thrive.

So now, I’ve dedicated myself to sharing what I’ve learned with others, specifically wombmen who look like me and who have experienced similar stories of trauma but are ready to free themselves from their pain prisons. I’m super passionate about showing all soul seekers and aspiring self-healers that you, too, can heal yourself and reclaim your freedom, self-worth, and deep love for yourself.
My desire to help guide other WomBmen and some Men out of their pain prisons came about after I started to look for ways to help myself through the PTSD I experienced from being physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually abused in my childhood.

After realizing that in addition to the trauma we have experienced firsthand as children, we also accumulate trauma as we move through adolescence and adulthood and add generational and ancestral trauma to that list. if unchecked, we can move through our entire life carrying an excessively heavy weight of pain that can affect our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health. We carry this additional trauma with us daily, and it keeps us stuck and locked into a self-imposed pain prison. The wild part about all of this is that most of us don’t realize that we are the ones that have placed ourselves in the self-imposed prison of pain. Nor do we know how to get ourselves out of this prison. This awakening made me realize that we all need guidance, love and patience from someone who has walked the same self-healing path that our souls seek to venture down.

The knowledge I acquired enabled me to alchemize my pain into my power to execute my purpose to embrace a life where I can thrive instead of suffer. I must admit that every level of healing will meet us with new triggers we must break down and work through. This is the blueprint of the soul school that we’re all living within and experiencing and taking part in on this planet. The journey of self-healing is a lifelong commitment to the betterment of yourself.


So now, here I am, entirely dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned with those who are ready to free themselves from their pain prison. I’m super passionate about showing you how to start your self-healing journey to reclaim love, peace, freedom, balance, and self-worth. But I must warn you, this adventure isn’t for the faint of spirit – it will be hard work, and you MUST be willing to commit yourself to the course to gain life-changing positive results.

Xo 😘 Peace and Love,


Self Healing isYours!


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