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I am a dedicated and passionate healer, coach and unshakable optimistic. My mission is to help (YOU) learn how to trust yourself, tap into your own internal power to heal yourself and change your life. I’m Kai (Kerry-Ann Ingram)

Slide I have a deep knowing that... You have a deep and burning desire to create real and lasting positive change in your life and in the world. You are consumed with a deep desire to heal more parts of your life. My darling, please know that you are not alone and you’ve stumbled on the right place for you. You also want to connect with a community of like-minded women that truly get who you are, what you are going through, and where you want to go in your life. You want to remove any present attachments to pain in your past and connect deeper with your purpose. You’re a beautiful and brave survivor. You also want to stop allowing fear to rob you of your dreams, wishes, and desires. You have overcome so much pain and disappointment already in your life. They get where you're coming from on such a deep level that it lights your soul on fire.


Whatever forces moved to bring you to my humble page, I am deeply grateful. I want you to know that I’m here to serve you in all that I do. I want to help you heal to be the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been. Reiki energy healing dramatically changed my life and I know it can change yours for the better also.


Slide What would you LOVE to have more of in your life? More energy? More confidence? More fun? More money? More free time? Better relationships? Better health? Less stress? Less conflict? FIND OUT HOW Close your eyes and take a minute to imagine what your life would look like if you stopped thinking about making changes and started taking action now. How would you feel? How would you be more confident, passionate, or in control of your life? Would you have more time, energy or (dare we dream and say it out loud) have more health? Would you get up each morning and actually look forward to moving through your day with excitement and energy? More and more people are tired of their fast-paced, stressed-out lives that seem like one long workday after another. Like you, my clients are interested in living a high-quality life. The kind of life that allows them to have: - More time for themselves and their relationships - More energy to invest in their physical, emotional and virtual well-being - More health to well and excited to experience all of what life has to offer. The only difference between you and them is that they stopped dreaming and started doing. Now you have that same choice to take action and make significant change - starting today. Kerry-Ann Ingram // Reiki Master & Healing Life Coach Toronto

Slide ABOUT ME Which is... To serve you To be unapologetically and authentically myself BUT most importantly I'm here to allow you the space to be unapologetically and authentically fearlessly YOURSELF. To guide you To lead by example To hold space for you to heal your life Let’s get started! The truth is I was exactly where you are right now. I was so afraid and terrified to step outside of my comfort zone. I had no idea what to expect! I was afraid that people would think I was super crazy, lost my mind, or WORST completely unqualified to speak about or teach about what I felt called to share with the world. Even though I knew deep within my soul, deep within my being that I was called and created to share my gifts with the world –– I was afraid of my truth, I was afraid to help others heal their lives! I allowed people’s misjudgments, misguidance and lack of self-awareness to push and influence me away from my truth. Thankfully I was able to pull from the breadth of training I have accumulated over the years to help me find the inspiration to step into who I truly am and what I'm truly called to do on this planet.
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