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Forgiveness Kerry-Ann

Forgiveness: 5 Tips To Help You Let The Anger Go

Forgiveness: The True Path To Freedom

If you’re anything like me, at some point in your life you have or are struggling to find it within yourself to forgive someone who has wronged you in some way. You’ve hung on to that pain with an iron clad grip, but I’m here to tell you that in order to truly love another and yourself, you must learn how to forgive and really let that pain go. 


So, you ask, “Why should we make the choice to forgive others who have caused us harm?” The answer is quite simple. We should forgive ourselves and others because it is the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves. Plus, no one can truly cause us lasting harm or pain. At the end of the day, we decide if we want to allow something else to take away our joy. When we decide to let joy slip through our finger, we then start to create pain within our minds, which then starts to spread to our bodies. When this happens we open ourselves up to sicknesses and diseases. 
We feel pain when we feel that our self-created realities are not giving us what we want from it. Like A Course In Miracles (ACIM) states, “Nothing made outside of love is real. Reality lies within love alone. Everything else lies within the ego that’s constantly seeking dominance over your mind because it is afraid of annihilation.”   

Let’s stop for a minute to consider what it truly means to forgive.

It means to adapt a new school of thought, which is, we’re all the same, cut from the same cloth … if you will. We’re all a part of this amazing universe, connected to the one Source. The Universe is a big body of energy, consist of atoms, made up of three tiny particles called, protons, neutrons and electrons. Proving that we are no different on the inside from the person on your right or your left, nor are we different from the rock on the ground or the tree standing tall outside your front door.

So why should we really choose to forgive? 

The choice to forgive provides a great deal of healing to both the ‘victim’ and the victimizer, but most importantly to the people who see themselves as the offended victim. Think about how badly you feel in your body when you are holding hard feelings towards another person or a situation, whether it’s anger, hurt, disappointment, shame or sadness, you are still holding on to the negative feelings and keeping that pain alive in your body. When you hold on with iron-clad grip, you are not healing yourself nor are you “getting back” at the one who has “harmed you”, instead, all you are doing is choosing to live in the past where your hurt is living because, in your present, your pain is no longer real or alive. Another disheartening aspect about this created madness is that the person or people you are so angry with are more than likely NOT thinking about you or what they may have done to hurt you. They’re probably off living their lives unaware that you are feeling the way you’re feeling towards them or the particular situation. They might also be completely uninterested if you were to let them know. 


My advice to you is this…

Let that ish go! Release the anger, pain, and sadness and move into a forgiving space with your whole self. This way you are making sure you’re creating space to have overall mental well-being in your life.


Here are 5 tips to help you let the anger go and move into a better feeling place.

Find the lesson within the situation and learn from it so that you don’t repeat this experience in the future. It’s within us to understand that every experience we have, is to help move us boldly along our path. Also, we are giving these lessons to share with the world and to help bring some positive light and learning to those who may need it the most in their hours of darkness. 


Focus on the positive aspect of the situation. All things we experience helps us to mould into the amazing humans we become so don’t negate where you’ve come from or who you are and who you are becoming.


Stop blaming the other person and turn the lens around on yourself. Analyse the role you played within the situation. When you do that you will gain a deeper sense of internal peace and acceptance.

Allow yourself to chance to see the situation from the other person’s perspective so you can gain a deeper understanding around why they might have treated you the way that they did.


And finally, don’t allow things that aren’t going to bring you pleasure to roll off your back like water because at the end of the day. Nothing can affect you unless you allow it to. When you know this you will feel a sense of peace. Here’s a powerful affirmation to help you bring you into the state of forgiveness.

I choose…

I choose to be my best self in all and every situation

I choose to live my life transparently and authentically

I choose to never rely on chance alone but to also know that through right choice all things blessed will come to me.

I choose to live instead of merely existing

I choose to show love, forgiveness and empathy on a daily basis so that love, forgiveness and empathy can flow back to me

I choose to exercise gratitude for everything I have; big, small, sad and joyful because all these things add up and give me unique beauty, balance and growth.

I will accept who I am

I will learn from my past mistakes and embrace my daily growth.


Thank you for reading and sharing. I am deeply grateful to you all. If you have some helpful tips around forgiveness, please leave them in the comments below because you never know who your message will help today.


Also, if someone in your life is struggling with finding forgiveness, please share this with them. It might be just the right information they need to hear to let go and create their best life EVER!


Remember, you’re here to enhance the world with your light, love, and joy, so go out and brighten someone’s world today and every day after.

With a heart full of love and tons of gratitude!

See you next week,










Comments 6

  1. Courtney Romano
    February 10, 2016

    Such a great message, thanks for sharing and offering up some practical ways to be a more wholehearted person. xoxo

    1. February 10, 2016

      You are so very welcome Courtney!
      Thank you for visiting and sharing your kind words.
      With a heart full of love,

  2. Christina Johns
    February 10, 2016

    Beautiful post! Such a worthy lesson for us all.

    1. February 10, 2016

      Much appreciation Christina! Too often we forget that forgiveness begins, first within our own selves.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your kind words.

      With a heart full of love,


  3. Morgan
    February 10, 2016

    This was very needed this morning! Blessings and thank you 🙂

    1. February 10, 2016

      I’m happy to hear that Morgan! Thank you for visiting.

      With a heart full of love,

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