3 Major Benefits You Can Get From Reiki Healing

3 Major Benefits You Can Get From Reiki Healing 


Do you agree that there is so much unhappiness and pain in our world? It’s unreal, right?. Every day, you turn on the TV or your computer, you’re shocked into a state of fear and sadness. This has most of us moving towards self-development. We are now feeling a strong pull to heal ourselves and in so doing, we’ll heal the world because everyone it seems, is searching for anew wayto live healthier, wealthier and happier.


Everyone it seems, is searching for a “new way” to live healthier, wealthier and happier. #ReikiHealing Click To Tweet


It’s very clear that something vital is missing from our lives. We’re not getting any closer to whatever it is we think is missing, we’re sadly moving further away from it.

Reiki is a simple and safe energy healing technique. You can generally use Reiki to remove mental, emotional and physical blocks; stresses and discomfort from the individual’s mind, body and soul. But more importantly, you can also use Reiki to heal the world.



Well, Quantum Physics explains that spinning mass of energies that vibrate at incredibly high speeds make up atoms. Each atom has been found to radiate its own unique energy DNA. Pretty amazing, right? This proves, we are all incredible forms of unique energy bodies – gifted with an unbelievable amount of power that we’ve not yet learned how to fully tap into. This is because we’ve been so focused on the physical form, instead of trusting in the unseen energy forces. These unseen energies govern our galaxy. If we focused more on putting our trust and faith in the unseen, I believe we would be a more healthy, happy and loving society.

Since you can find energy in everything, I’d say that we are powerful beyond measure. This means, we should collectively combine our energy to do some goodness in this world and we can do this through Reiki. Reiki promotes relaxation, healing and well-being on a personal and a global level.


How Reiki Got Here

In 1922, Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui developed the healing practice that is now called Reiki. The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei which means ‘Spiritual Wisdom’ and Ki which means ‘Universal Life Energy’. In a way, Reiki connects all beings to the Universal source known as The Divine.


Here’s a really cool Report conducted by UCLA on the benefits of Reiki Healing. I love that some highly reputable medical facilities throughout Canada, the United States and Europe are now offering patients with the option to use Reiki as an alternative healing method or combined with conventional medicine.

From the research report conducted by UCLA, “It’s interesting to note that Columbia/Presbyterian was one of the first hospitals to offer Reiki as part of their Integrative Medicine Program (CIMP). The now famous cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz brought tremendous attention to Reiki when he invited Reiki practitioners to treat patients during open heart surgeries and heart transplant operations. Dr. Oz is often quoted as saying, “Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals.”




 You’ll have a good night’s sleep after a Reiki session

Reiki is a calming and relaxing energy that will heal your mind, body and soul. If you are suffering from excessive stress in your life that’s preventing you from falling asleep at nights, a Reiki session can assist with reducing or eliminating your stress altogether. The Reiki energy enters the body and finds all the energy points that are out of sync and out of balance. The energy will align and eliminate any unwanted and harmful energies within your body – thus, allowing you to start living a healthier, wealthier and happier life.



Reiki Can enhance your sex life on a physical and energetic level.


When the Reiki energy enters your body, it puts you in a calming utopic state that balances out your hormones and align all Seven (7) Chakra points within your body. This will bring both you and your partner intimately closer to a point that can at times feel like you are both merging into one whole being. Can you imagine how absolutely amazing that experience must feel? So, if you want to enhance your sexual connection with your partner, give Reiki a try.



If can boost your immune system and heal trauma

The energy of Reiki, will find and align and/or cut out any negativity and imbalances within your immune system and heal you from any further misalignment in your mind, body and soul. The healing process may take one session, but could also take several sessions before you are completely healed. This is why so many medical facilities are implementing Reiki healing into their medical practices. Reiki is a powerful healing source and the energy knows exactly where to go to heal once it enters the body.

When it comes to healing trauma and extreme stress, Reiki will put your body into a relaxed state, which will allow you to be more open to receive the healing energy. Reiki will also provide a positive space within your energy field to allow you to freely invite true healing and forgiveness into your being.



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Remember, you’re here to enhance the world with your light, love, and joy, so go out and brighten someone’s world today.

With a heart full of love and tons of gratitude,







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