13 simple tips to help you sleep sounder and longer

13 tips to help you sleep sounder and longer


Hello My Loves! 


Honestly! One of the number one complaints I hear often is, “I just can’t fall asleep at night”. People are REALLY having a hard time falling asleep. They complain that their minds are on autopilot, racing a million miles a minute and they just can’t find an ideal way to shut it off to fall asleep. Naturally, they’re searching for that “magic pill” to help them overcome this roadblock.

I’m here to let you know that there are no magic pills that you can take to help you manage your sleeping pattern, I do have 13 simple tips to help you sleep sounder and longer.

Numbers-13SIMPLE STEPS      


Number 1

Stop worrying and stressing about the things you are unable to manage in your present moment. Worry leads to stress and stress can most often land you in the hospital with life-threatening illnesses, like cancers and chronic mental illnesses like depression and burnout. So take my advice and let that ish go.



Get all your exercise done before 7 pm. This way your body and mind have a solid chance to unwind and return to a healthy and relaxed state of mind before it’s time to enter into dream land.



Eat your last meal for the evening between 6p.m. – 7 p.m. This way you avoid ingesting foods that will take you longer to digest, which potentially could cause you to develop indigestion pain or discomfort in your stomach.  



Stay away from nicotine and caffeine after 6pm. Both nicotine and caffeine are considered secondary stimulants in the part of the brain that controls your movement, the primary motor cortex, located in the frontal lobe of the brain. Why? Both these stimulants will keep you awake and alert, but can provoke chronic insomnia, preventing you from falling asleep.



Vito taking a shower and instead, take a warm bath in lavender and Epson salt. This way you’ll allow your body and muscles to fully relax so that when you get into your bed, you will have zero fight left in you to resist sleep.


Numbers-6Make yourself a soothing cup of hot chamomile tea about an hour before bed. This will help your body relax into a calm state right before bed. You’ll reap the benefits because this herb has properties within it to relax and calm the mind while preventing an upset stomach.


Numbers-7Designate a specific time to go to bed every night, example, 10p.m. and get up at 6a.m. This way, you can dedicate 30 minutes to a solid morning meditation routine. Meditating in the morning will provide you with a powerful foundation to manage anything that may come your way throughout the day. Two examples of an “anything” could be, something as simple as missing the bus or spilling coffee right down the front of your shirt just as you’re about to walk into your office. Any of these situations could set you up for a not so good day and throw you off balance and out of alignment. But, with a morning meditation routine, you become equipped to manage any situation. Overall, mediation will prepare you to have a powerful and positive day.

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Implement a meditation routine every night before you get into your bed. To further promote a relaxed state of mind so you can sleep soundly. Designate a special spot somewhere in your home that you can go to and not be disturbed while you meditate. Set it up so that it reflects peace, calm and has a sacred connection to the divine. Don’t place anything within this space that will take away from the peaceful and calming energy you’ve created within it. Keep in mind, that space can also be a corner of a room if you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to meditation. The important part here is, to have somewhere to go that you feel safe and can have a meaningful dialogue with God, Goddess, Universal Oneness, Holy Trinity, Allah, Yahweh, Divine One, Mulungu, or Jehovah, just use whatever title feels the most comfortable to you. Also, put a comfortable straight back chair in your new meditation, Zen space and cover it with a wool throw or a silk throw, this will protect your energy.


Numbers-9Rub some lavender oil on your pillow. Lavender oil can induce your senses into a calming state so that there’s a higher chance that when your head hit the pillow, you will fall right into a dreamland state of slumber.


numbers-10Use your bed only for sleeping and sex. This way, you will fall right asleep once you get into the bed because your association with your bed will only be tied to sleep or sex, which I’ve coined, room association. If you’re like me, you’ve experienced room association once, twice or more in your life. A great example of room association is, going into the bathroom and suddenly feeling the need to pee. Sometimes to the point where you have to concentrate really hard to get yourself on the toilet before an accident happens… It’s the same thing when it comes to sleep, sex and the bed.


Numbers-11As soon as you feel sleepy, go to your bed. Don’t allow yourself to get a second wind of energy. Why?  If you get a second wind of energy, it will be very challenging to fall back to sleep.


Numbers-12Keep the bedroom cool & dark. Why? This way, your body will incubate you under the sheets and naturally generate heat to help put you right to sleep. If you are unable to fall right asleep, stay in bed for no more than 15 mins.



If you still have not fallen asleep after 15 mins, try these steps:




Get up and out of the bed, then go into another room.

  •       Do a crossword


  •       Sudoku


  •       Read a book or


  •       Listen to soothing music 


  •       DO NOT turn on your phone, computer or the TV, doing so will stimulate

          parts of your brain that will keep you alert and awake.


Take Away’s: To master your sleeping pattern, you must make a dedicated commitment to implement these new tips into your daily and weekly sleep routine.

Thank you for  stopping by to read and share your attention and with me. I am deeply grateful to you all. If you have some helpful tips that can help someone who is struggling with sleeping issues, please leave them in the comments below because you never know who might need to hear your kind and helpful message today.


Also, please share this with your tribe and loved ones. It might be just the right information they need to hear to start creating a healthier sleeping pattern to start living their best life EVER!


Remember, you’re here to enhance the world with your light, love, and joy, so go out and brighten someone’s world today and every day.


With a heart full of love and tons of gratitude!













  1. Brittany Smith

    Thanks so much for these tips! It is so hard to be discipled but so very necessary!

    • Kerry-Ann

      You are so welcome Brittany! And you are so right, having disciple is a hard task, but practice makes perfect. 🙂

  2. Whitney

    I know from experience that when I can keep my body on a schedule I feel more refreshed – waking up at the same time every day is such a help!!

    • Kerry-Ann

      So true Whitney! We are creatures of habit, so our bodies and minds tend to function way better when we follow a healthy schedule. 🙂

  3. erin

    Great article! So essential for business owners!!

    • Kerry-Ann

      Thanks so much Erin! So happy you found some value within. 🙂


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