Hi, I’m Kerry-Ann! I’m an island girl by birth but I’ve been braving it out in the T-Dot O-Dot since 1987. I’m an entrepreneurial gal, a certified reiki master, healing life coach, healing jewelry designer and a BIG laugher with big dreams who wears her heart on her sleeves.


I’m over the moon passionate about guiding individuals from all over the world, through the powerful journey of moving from feeling sick, stuck unhappy and overwhelmed to feeling healthy happy and excited to face life every day. I absolutely believe we can all have, be, and do ANYTHING we want in this lifetime. All we have to do is get our minds in the right shape.  


I believe there is no greater joy in the world than to help others. This is exactly why I became a coach. I’m obsessed with being a straight shooter who’s a sappy romantic and a lover of all things small, cute, and cuddly.



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Kind words

“Kerry-Ann is a delight to work with, as she is insightful, open-minded and generous in sharing her knowledge of setting and reaching goals in all areas of life. She has provided me with entrepreneurial advice on networking opportunities, various best practices for creating a powerful business identity and resources for setting up a website and connecting with clients.”

          Cristina Kelly | Brand Strategist, communikreate.tumblr.com